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About Hon'ble Chairman

Hon'ble Dr. Suresh Bhosale

Hon'ble Chairman Krishna School, Karad.

Some succeed because they are destined to. But most succeed because they are determined to”. These are the thoughts of our Hon. convener Sir Mr. Suresh Bhosale. His wisdom, urge for learning, knowledge have opened the flood gates within individuals, who themselves are amazed to find this reservoir of knowledge within themselves: β€œA deep urge for caring and sharing for building a society where learning, knowledge are not mere words they exist as reality.” Dr. Suresh Bhosale post graduated in Medicine from Government Medical College, Miraj in 1980 and attained post graduate qualification in General Surgery in 1983. He has been associated with the Krishna Institute thereafter being the medical administrator of Krishna Hospital and Medical Research Center before becoming the Vice-Chancellor of the University in 2005. He visualised the world will take shape when each generation graduates and prepare's them to succeed in those circumstances. Krishna uses learning methods that foresees emerging careers, geopolitical changes and the changes in the world scenario and help's them make the most opportunities that come along. He is a constant source of inspiration and under his able guidance Krishna Foundation today is capable of facing the challenges of Global competition.