Krishna School, Koyana Vasahat, Karad 02164-241670

Music Room

“ Music is the medicine of life; it benefits both body and mind” . Music is given prime importance as part of the school curriculum.  Our school boasts of a highly accomplished music staff and a well-equipped music room on the school campus.  Every child is encouraged and nurtured to learn at least one musical instrument starting from Class I. All basic musical equipments are made available to the students.  Instruments like the harmonium, tabla, sitar, saxophone, drumset, Trumpet, Piano, keyboard, Octopad, Guitar, Dhol, flute, Violin and others are accessible to the students.  The music department is equipped with teaching students both vocal and instrumental Indian classical music and western music.  For the dissemination of theoretical knowledge, the music room is equipped with smart-boards, latest PCs and upgraded software. The school has its own orchestra that has won several prestigious awards at the zonal level competitions. Our students perform during the school functions both within the premises as well as outside.